It is always my pleasure to be on the learning side of a class.  My Sunday AM Bible study allows the class assistant to teach on the 2nd Sunday of the month.  Sometimes we ‘chase bunny trails’ in the course of the lesson.  If it is something that will help us better understand the lesson then we will go ahead with the thought.  We were discussing our sinful lives based on Romans 7 and chased the trail of a No Contest Plea.

As I understand the concept of a ‘No Contest” plea it is usually used so the sitting judge will decide the case.  If the case should be appealed the next judge will usually honor the first judge’s ruling.

As the class debated this idea I was caught up in the thought that this concept can be applied to our own judgment.  When we pass to our new eternal home we will stand before the One and Only GOD, judge of all that was, is, and is to come.  Our Counselor will stand beside us and when the charges are brought will say this case has already been decided, there was a ‘No Contest” plea, and all was forgiven on the cross.

I want you to understand that even though we are forgiven we do not have the option of deliberately breaking God’s commands.  It should be our total desire to follow our God so closely that we are constantly aware of the Spirit/Counselor within us giving advice and counsel regularly.  When we choose not to heed that voice and go ahead with whatever it is that will displease Him we will miss the great blessing of obedience.

Let’s all make right choices.