Psalm 1


It’s a blustery, cold, snowy day in Northwest Ohio.  We were under a blizzard warning last night and now we’re under a Level 2 Snow Emergency.  That means we are not to be out on the roads unless we have an emergency.  That’s perfectly OK with me.  I love the snow and the chance to stay in and read, write, and stitch on my counted cross stitch and crochet projects.

I haven’t posted for a bit because the accuser got into my mind after my last post.  I felt very strongly about God wanting me to write about modesty and never expected to loose more than 200 followers.  I have my positive mojo up and running again and have realized a basic truth – – This blog is not about how many followers but about following God’s ‘command’ to write about His Word and using it in everyday life.

I have been writing the Psalms in my own words to give as a special gift to a dear, dear lady.  So I hope you’ll sit back, grab a cuppa (whatever you like to drink) and just read on…

Psalm 1    Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of gossipers, but whose delight is in the Law of the LORD, and who thinks about it day and night.

TreesThat person is like a tree planted by fresh water.  It yields its fruit in season and its leaves do not dry up.  Whatever they do prospers.

Not so with mean and wicked people!  They are like dust that is blown away by the wind.  God won’t even bother to judge them because they won’t be able to stand among the righteous.  God watches every moment and movement of the righteous and allows the wicked to continue on their path of destruction.

Heavenly Father, let me walk with You, totally delighting in Your Word.  Help me take it to heart and use as I walk this earth.  Forgive me when I determine to do it my way.  Grant me Your peace and presence in everything I think, do, and say.  You are my God, my King, my Everything.  I lift this prayer in the Precious Name of Jesus.  Make it so!

6 thoughts on “Psalm 1

  1. You are right, this is not about the number of followers, but about sharing Truth; it is all about Him! Keep doing what He wants you to do and one day you will see the rewards.

    Keep the Faith!

    P.S. Those who decided to walk away are missing out!


    • Our Cyndy is a beautiful, believing, caring, delightful young lady. I want her to have these beautiful words written in my own handwriting just because I love here. It has really been a work of love and learning. Thanks!


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