Have you ever given serious thought to your thoughts? Are your thoughts always focused on God? Are they always positive? I’m pretty sure the answer to all these questions is no! Among the 80+ verses in God’s Word about thoughts, a couple really stick out to me.

Give some thought to the one on the right. Whatever is in my mind is going to be expressed in my words, my actions, my relationships, actually, in all of me! I’ve always known my thoughts control my actions but only recently have I realized that every bit of me is controlled by what is going on in my mind. Not just the biological, scientific, control of my body, but the every moment activities, ideas, plans…



And so, I thought, what am I going to do with that? One of my go-to verses is Philippians 4:8. Whenever I find myself thinking about things that are not worthy of being the King’s daughter I focus on these words.

One of the things I have done for many years, actually since I read Ann Voskamp’s one thousand gifts, is to keep a journal of blessings and thanks. These include thoughts of family, friends, and events, as well as some really original blessings that have crossed my mind. Like:

Warm hospital blankets

Quietly colorful aquariums

Singing What A Friend We Have In Jesus with my friends at my piano

Snow diamonds (Yes, He loves me that much!)

Detroit Tigers beating the Cleveland Indians

I think you get the idea. By keeping this journal I deliberately focus on the good all around me. I highly recommend committing to writing your blessings down. It’s refreshing and revealing to look back and see what has been a blessing over the years. (And your children will love it when you leave it in your will. Just sayin’.)

Abba, Father, thank You for all the ways you are transforming my mind. Help me to dwell on whatever You say is right, ignoring the world and focusing only on You! 

Blessings to you and yours!


I wrote this in response to Week 3 of Deb Wolf’s 52-Week Devotional Journal for Women. It’s a really great way to connect with God!

Check out Whatever by clicking on the word highlighted in blue. There are more thoughts here on Philippians 4:8.


8 thoughts on “Whatever

  1. Thank you so much for this great reminder! You’re so right that giving thanks for the blessings God provides us in life is such a great approach to living.


  2. Hi Marie,

    I love this. It was a perfect read. It was very encouraging to my heart. Thank you for sharing…I am going to start a blessings journal this week. Because He has constantly blessed me when I know I do not deserve it. He loves me that much. I’m going to share this with some folks… thank you again for spreading His word and obeying the call He has on your life.

    I’m Him,

    Katina E Williams


    • I can’t even tell you how much this means to me. My prayer is always – Just one, Lord. Just one who will remember how much You have given. Just one who understands. Just one who will share.
      Blessing to you and yours!

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