One Hundred Gifts

Some time ago I read Anne Voskamp’s book one thousand gifts (Yes, the title has no caps.) and I determined to keep track of mine.  God has provided, healed, restored, loved, counseled, saved and given me more mercies and gifts than can be kept at 1000 but I’m going to give it a try.

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (I Thessalonians 5:17-18)

1-Spiritual rebirth on Nov. 10, 1973

2-Marriage to my perfect partner on April 8, 1972

3-Musical talent

4-A miraculous saving of Ray’s life after a Traumatic Brain Injury on October 30, 2010.

5-My sisters Stella and Ruth

6-Monday Night Bible Study (Spirit Sisters)

7-Sunday AM Bible Study (Adat Adonai)

8-Living Hop FMC

9-Bob and Celesta

10-Tom and Dee

11-Deb and Elden

12-Mike and Robin

13-Sue and Alan

14-A 27 year career in education (Teacher and Asst. Principal)

14-The gift of teaching

15-Cyndy, Larry, Johnny, Abby

16-Really good neighbors

17-When people pray for me

18-Surviving cancer

19-A husband who likes to spend time with me

20-Mountain retreats

21-Smokey and Salem – our cats




25-Gifts for no reason, both giving and getting


27-Decorating Cakes

28-Handel’s Messiah and being a soloist (O, Thou That Tellest Good Tidings)

29-Singing for President Nixon

30-People who make me feel good just by their presence

31-Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

32-Grandma and Grandpa Bond


34-Surviving the tornado

35-Good books

36-Watching friends do a really good job at something

37-Mountain Memories/roses/first view


39-Cantata practice and performance

40-Singing with the Toledo Symphony

41-Teaching God’s Word

42-Enjoying the success of friends

43-The gift of life

44-My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Quehn, who taught me how to knit

45-Creating crocheted gifts for friends

46-An entire Christmas tree made of Ray’s sister Julie’s handmade ornaments

47-A display of milkweed and wild lettuce – God’s artwork

47-Quiet times

48-Donations given in our name

49-Children playing bells

50-Warm blankets on cold winter nights

51-Freshly brewed coffee and quiet mornings

52-Prayer time

53-Knowing God’s strong, loving embrace

55-Worship Band rehearsals

56-Hot from the oven cookies

57-A life well-lived

58-Spring-time thunderstorms

59-Easter sunrise service on a ship on the Atlantic in the Carribean

60-The anticipation of Sunday morning worship

61-New technology and using it for God

62-Being a teacher both professionally and as a spiritual gift (I know this is a repeat but I’m truly thankful for it.)

63-Books of all kinds

64-Warm days after the cold of winter

65-Eleven sheep inside our neighbors fence

66-Having and finding a brother (Rick) and sister (Joyce) that I thought was ‘lost’.  60 years of catching up to do.

67-Summer storms

68-Gaining knowledge when taking classes

69-Books—really good ones and really bad ones

70-Mountain breezes, birds singing, crickets and waterfalls

71-Christmas celebrations with the family

72-Snow, snow, snow – Yep, I love snow!

73-The country beauty from my office window

74-New babies

75-Mosaic crackle nail polish

76-People who do nice things without good reasons

77-Beautiful brides

78-Night time tree frog symphonies

79-Warm hospital blankets

80-Blue winter skies

81-Friends who are always friends no matter how long it’s been

82-Hearing a heartfelt I’m so sorry

83-Living in a place that does not have hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes or …

84-Acorns falling on the patio in the fall

85-The sound of tinkling water in the fountain.

86-Squirrels chasing each other in furry boas around the oak tree

87-Afternoon sunshine after a dreary morning

88-A beautiful Christian woman mentor – I love you, Kerrie!

89-Conferences with Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, and thousands of women

90-Salem on his window perch as I study

91-Tulips popping up

92-Snow in April – specifically April 17, 2020

93-Red and yellow finches at the feeder

94-New games with friends

95-Helping Stella when she’s super sick

96-Bungard family Christmas at Holiday Inn

97-Water splashing in the patio fountain

98-Upside down nuthatch

99-Piano duets with Sharon

100-New kitten (Chewy) antics





14 thoughts on “One Hundred Gifts

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  2. Wow! Hmmm I use do this as we often don’t realise how many things we should be thankful for. This is so unique. Thanks for sharing all that you have endured, a life Definately worthy of praise.


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