One Hundred Gifts

God has provided, healed, restored, loved, counseled, saved and given me more mercies and gifts than can be kept at 100 but I’m going to give it a try.

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (I Thessalonians 5:17-18)

1-Spiritual rebirth on Nov. 10, 1973

2-Marriage to my perfect partner on April 8, 1972

3-Musical talent

4-A miraculous saving of Ray’s life after a Traumatic Brain Injury on October 30, 2010.

5-My sisters Stella and Ruth

6-Monday Night Bible Study (Spirit Sisters)

7-Sunday AM Bible Study (Adat Adonai)

8-Eastland Baptist Church

9-Bob and Celesta

10-Tom and Dee

11-Deb and Elden

12-Mike and Robin

13-Sue and Alan

14-A 27 year career in education (Teacher and Asst. Principal)

14-The gift of teaching

15-Cyndy, Larry, Johnny, Abby

16-Really good neighbors

17-When people pray for me

18-Surviving cancer

19-A husband who likes to spend time with me

20-Mountain retreats

21-Smokey and Salem – our cats




25-Gifts for no reason, both giving and getting


27-Decorating Cakes

28-Handel’s Messiah

29-Singing for President Nixon

30-People who make me feel good just by their presence

31-Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

32-Grandma and Grandpa Bond


34-Surviving the tornado

35-Good books

36-Watching friends do a really good job at something

37-Mountain Memories/roses/first view


39-Cantata practice and performance

40-Being a soloist in the Messiah

41-Teaching God’s Word

42-Enjoying the success of friends

43-The gift of life

44-My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Quehn, who taught me how to knit

45-Creating crocheted gifts for friends

46-An entire Christmas tree made of Ray’s sister Julie’s handmade ornaments

47-A display of milkweed and wild lettuce – God’s artwork

47-Quiet times

48-Donations given in our name

49-Children playing bells

50-Warm blankets on cold winter nights

51-Freshly brewed coffee and quiet mornings

52-Prayer time

53-Knowing God’s strong, loving embrace

55-Worship Band rehearsals

56-Hot from the oven cookies

57-A life well-lived

58-Spring-time thunderstorms

59-Easter sunrise service on a ship on the Pacific in the Carribean

60-The anticipation of Sunday morning worship

61-New technology and using it for God

62-Being a teacher both professionally and as a spiritual gift

63-Books of all kinds

64-Warm days after the cold of winter

65-Eleven sheep inside our neighbors fence

66-Having and finding a brother (Rick) and sister (Joyce) that I thought was ‘lost’.  60 years of catching up to do.

67-Summer storms

68-Gaining knowledge when taking classes

69-Books—really good ones and really bad ones

70-Mountain breezes, birds singing, crickets and waterfalls

71-Christmas celebrations with the family

72-Snow, snow, snow

73-The country beauty from my office window

74-New babies

75-Mosaic crackle nail polish

76-People who do nice things without good reasons

77-Beautiful brides

78-Night time tree frog symphonies

79-Warm hospital blankets

80-Blue winter skies

81-Friends who are always friends no matter how long it’s been

82-Hearing a heartfelt I’m so sorry

83-Living in a place that does not have hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes or …

84-Acorns falling on the patio in the fall

85-The sound of tinkling water in the fountain.

86-Squirrels chasing each other in furry boas around the oak tree

87-Afternoon sunshine after a dreary morning

88-A beautiful Christian woman mentor

89-Conferences with Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, and thousands of women

90-Salem on his window perch as I study

91-Tulips popping up

92-Snow in April

93-Red and yellow finches at the feeder

94-New games with friends

95-Helping Stella when she’s super sick

96-Bungard family Christmas at Holiday Inn

97-Water splashing in the patio fountain

98-Upside down nuthatch





7 thoughts on “One Hundred Gifts

  1. Wow! Hmmm I use do this as we often don’t realise how many things we should be thankful for. This is so unique. Thanks for sharing all that you have endured, a life Definately worthy of praise.


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