Reaching Out

What are we doing to bring the lost to Christ?  Who do we know that needs to know the love of Jesus?  Are we consistantly showing others that we are a child of the King?  Do our words and actions lift up and not put down those around us?

OK!  I’d like to say yes to all those questions, but then I’d have to ask for forgiveness for lying.  These kinds of questions are so convicting for me that I already feel the need to get on my knees.

Are we giving a cup of water (or food, or clothing, or help) when one who does not have it shows the need?  Or are we sending them away with a hug and the thought that we have problems and needs too.  They may not ask  but when we see the need we must act upon it.   We really do show our commitment to our LORD through our actions.  Can we even imagine the surge of New Believers if  our relationship with Jesus is evident in all our thoughts, words, and actions. 

Applying ourselves to a way of life  that shares our faith regularly with those around us is one way to reach the non-Believer.   Caring about others goes a long way toward saying and showing that we really are who God says we are.

There is an additional page on this blog called Lifestyle Evangelism where I’ll be placing suggestions for caring, sharing, and reaching out to everyone around us.  Even though we are commanded to reach and teach the lost we also need to show our support to other believers.  Take the time – TODAY!