Is it fair to say that life is often interupted?  Whether the interuptions are good or bad, fair or unfair, life is full of them.

It seems every character mentioned in God’s Word dealt with interruptions.  Take Moses who wondered in the desert for two 40 year stints – life interrupted.  Noah who built a boat because God said to and endured ridicule and unbelief  – life interrupted.  Abraham, at the request of God left his home, and journeyed to a new land – life interrupted.  Sarah who birthed a child at 90 – definitely life interrupted.  Mary, the mother of Jesus believed, conceived, and gave the world God’s Son – her life was interrupted and many lives since then have followed in the ripples.  There is Paul, Deborah, Elizabeth, Joshua, David, Joseph…The list goes on and on through the centuries. 

Every one of us has had our lives interrupted by the world around us, by our families, by our friends, and hopefully by the One and Only God.  What are all these interruptions about?  First, they are God’s demands on our lives.  For instance, a friend needs your help and you have plans that really aren’t important.  God really does expect us to put others first so let your life be interrupted and help that friend.  Then,  there are situations that God needs us to experience so that His Purposes for the Kingdom are furthered.  Perhaps a serious life illness, an accident, loss of home, job, or family members, career changes…there are many life issues that can be used to give others hope. 

Priscilla Schirer says in her study of Jonah that “THE INTERRUPTED LIFE is the privileged life.  It may not look like that at the time but God always has a plan.  Let our prayer be INTERRUPT me, Lord.  Make me useful in your Kingdom.  Bless me with interruptions so that I can be the person You use to model You to the people around me.