I’ve been spending some time looking at just a few of the excellent Believers blogs in cyberspace.  I am absolutely delighted at the hundreds/thousands of believers who openly share their faith experiences.  Why?  I’ve read so many statistics that say the Christian faith is waning.  When I look at one of these blogs I don’t think so. 

God has given man the brains to create the technology that will share His word all over the world.  I love it that so many are using it.  These blogs are definitely an example of Romans 1:16.

We are expected to go and tell (Matthew 28:18-20).  This command is not just meant for directly spoken words or books.  We are to use any and all the means necessary to get the message out. 

Do not think that I am naive enough to think that all blogs are faithful in their message.  Unfortunately I’ve come across a few that really need to spend more time studying the Word.  For the most part what I’ve seen and read is a real example of ‘going and telling’ the Gospel.

I am so blessed by these faithful writers.

Heavenly Father thank you for the joy of reading so many excellent  writers.  Father, give us all strength and courage to say what needs to be said in the days ahead.  Let all the Fruit of the Spirit mature in us as we share You to world around.  Give us the integrity to write our stories using Your Word exactly as You want it taught.  I lift this prayer to the Mighty and Awesome GOD in the precious name of Jesus — Make it so.

2 thoughts on “NO SHAME

  1. I agree! I recently started blogging and was really encouraged to see how many women were sharing their faith through blogs. Also, I was reading through some of your previous posts and was excited to see one on Jonah. I just finished reading that book again and had been thinking about some of those issues!


  2. Advanced technology will play a great role in spreading the events of the rapture and Christ’s return, yet many will maintain a spirit of unbelief.


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