Giving thanks for what God is, has, and will do for us should be as natural as breathing.  Yet, we often have to be reminded to do just that.  In every book I’ve read on prayer the author makes a point of suggesting thanksgiving be part of every prayer.  That includes the Bible.  Such verses as Colossians 2:6-7 and 1 Thessalonians 5:18 remind us to give thanks for everything.

In our worship service this week we did a ‘Wave of Thanks’.  Wave offerings are mentioned in Ex. 29:23.  Although not the same concept as an arena ‘wave’, we were still giving thanks for what He had done and given us and ‘waved’ them with our words before the altar.  The usual thanks were given like family, new babies, new homes, Jesus and salvation (in no way usual), friends, the church, and more.  We have faced cancer in some of its ugliest forms and God has intervened with His healing touch. One offering of thanks stands out – – The Miracle of Life.  We have had life threatening Traumatic Brain Injuries, one resulting in a coma, and both men not only survived but are living life to the fullest. 

On this special day, set aside to give thanks, let’s not forget to give thanks for life. 

Let all things now living a song of thanksgiving  To God the Creator triumphantly raise, Who fashioned and made us, protected and stayed us, Who guideth us on to the end of our days.  *

Ah, Lord God, Creator of Life, you have not only caused us to live and breathe but have also given us the choice of eternal life.  Thank YOU!  Give us all the desire  and courage to live our lives to the fullest, totally for You.  Don’t let us forget the greatest LIFE of all.  Thank YOU for Jesus in whose name I lift this prayer.  Make it so!

*(Katherine K. Davis set these words to the melody Ash Grove in the early 1900’s.)

2 thoughts on “WAVES OF THANKS

  1. Indeed life is a precious gift. I became even more aware of its’ miracle as I held each of my four newborns. Today I look toward one day holding my grandbabies. In the meantime, I’ll remember to pause and thank God for His life-giving grace and mercy I’m experiencing this day.


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