I would be hard pressed to name one Christmas song or carol that I really don’t like.  As a vocalist there are some that are hard to sing or are written in keys that are not good for me.  I could listen to Christmas music all year long.

As a student of Music History I learned that the a carol was originally a Greek word that meant a circle dance with flute accompaniment.  Later on the dance was accompanied by singers.  Somehow those singers began using songs with religious meanings and these became carols. 

There are very few known Christmas Carols before the 1800’s.  One of these is a favorite of mine called “The Holly and the Ivy”.  The religious reference in this early carol is “…and Mary bore Lord Jesus Christ to be our Sweet Savior…”  (Luke 2:6)  The chorus of this carol is a reference to everyday life and the God-created world around us.  “The rising of the sun and the running of the deer the playing of the merry organ sweet singing in the choir.”

Heavenly Father open our eyes to the mystery, beauty, and miracles of this Holy Season.  Thank You for the greatest gift of all, Jesus. 

3 thoughts on “THE HOLLY AND THE IVY

  1. I have K-Love channel on at work all day and they are playing the Christmas songs right now. It has helped me remember the true reason for the season. Thank you GOD for your son. THank you Marie for this reminder.


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