Award Season

What a surprise.  I was recently awarded the ABC Award.  This particular award recognizes the many blogs who create a positive atmosphere in their content.  It is named this because one of the requirements is to alphabetically name those positive things/people/thoughts etc. that define one as a person.  As I thought about it I decided to use some of my favorite hymns to honor the One Defining Person in my life.  (Posted in a previous blog.) It has been my desire and mission to follow Matthew 28:19-20.  To go and teach.  If in that mission I reach just one through my blog or my teaching or my life then I have honored my Jesus and that is what really matters.

The other requirement is to pass the award forward.  These are blogs that inspire me and keep me aware of the many around the world who are “not ashamed of the gospel”.  I grow from them and am blessed by them.

What a difference you have made for me.  Pass it on.

As I lift this prayer in the Name of Jesus I give you praise for the many people You have placed in my path to remind me of who You are and of Whose I am.  I ask You to bless them and enlarge all our territories for You.   Amen and Make It So!

6 thoughts on “Award Season

  1. Hi there – I have really been battling to leave a comment here. So I have eventually signed up a wordpress account to do so, shoo!!! Anyway, thank you for the award. Sorry my appreciation is a long time coming. I want you to know i really appreciate the encouragement. I would love to chat with you more directly so here is my email should you want to also: God bless and thank you again


  2. Congratulations on your award, Marie…and thank you for listing my blog…it’s all for Him….and inspired by Him…knowing He will use it for His glory….

    Many blessings!


  3. Thank you, Spirit Sisters! As I have posted many times, my blog is all about God. Like you, if I can reach just one with the hope of Jesus Christ then mission accomplished. 🙂


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  5. congratulations on the award – I am always excited to see where my ABC award travels to – and that gives me the chance to discover new blogs and writers too!
    off to read more…!


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