Anticipating Worship

The words of David ring through my ears as I begin to anticipate worship.   I find myself thinking of the music, the Word, the possibility of a new life given to God, the fellowship, the sermon and what I will learn from it, what will I wear to go into the Presence.

I was glad when they said unto me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.”

Does the music stir your heart and bring you closer to the throne?  The tunes and choruses of the Worship Band, the hymns, the quiet prayer music, the Offertory, the altar call.  God loves music.  (Did you know when you see the word ‘said’ in the Creation story it can also be transliterated to, ‘and God sang’.)  At the most important moment in the history of mankind, the birth of the Son,  the angels sang.  Music is evident throughout the Bible.  Job speaks of God as ‘the one who gives us songs in the night’ in Job 35:10.  Psalm 98 tells us to sing a new song, to shout and break out in praise with voices and instruments.  In Luke 19:37-40 we are told ‘even the rocks’ will sing out if we don’t. 

Ah, the fellowship.  The joy of seeing my forever brothers and sisters.  The hugs, the tears, the words.  Just knowing that I am loved and can return that love with more love.

I wish each of you reading this the joy that comes with being in the presence of our Lord.  Not just on Sunday but any other time you choose to worship Him.

Heavenly Father grant us all the passion and desire to be in Your Presence worshipping.  Let us come into Your sanctuary with hearts and minds that are forgiven.  Keep us mindful that worship is about You.  I lift this prayer to the throne in the Precious Name of Jesus.   Make it so!

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