Given a Wedding Dress

Do you remember the hours spent thinking about your wedding dress?  The style, the train, the veil…I do.  I was between my sophomore and junior years in college when Ray and I married.  My sorority sisters (Gamma Omega Kappa) made my dress.  For days 2nd floor, Whitney Hall, was covered with satin and lace.  What a gift…One of my favorite parts of scripture is Revelation 19:6-10.  (In fact I like it so much I have it memorized.)  Verse 8 says, “Fine linen bright and clean was given her to wear.”  We are told in the next sentence this clothing represents the righteous acts of the saints.  One word stood out, clearly for the first time…given.  All of a sudden this portion danced for me again.  I am not earning my ‘wedding dress’ by the good things I do. (Even though I am expected to do them.)  It will be given to me to wear.  It will be given by Jesus who forgave ALLof my sins, covered me in His blood, washed me whiter than snow…I will be covered in the pure, white linen of His saints because of what He did.  Not by anything I can or will do. 

Father, I am humbled and totally unworthy to exceept this gift.  Yet, I totally love it.  Praise You and thank You!!!!!   AMEN

The dress above is not the one I wore, just one I really liked.

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