I have always loved God’s response to Moses at the Burning Bush.  Moses asked His name and God said I AM.  Don’t ya just love it.  The One and Only chose a name that the Israelites wouldn’t say aloud – – I AM.  The Almighty chose a name that I have yet to find anyone else ever has – – I AM.  I AM is used over 700 times in the Word.

The Hebrew word for I AM is YHWH or Yahweh.  The vowels were added to make it pronounceable.  It is God’s personal, given to Himself, name.  The word actually means “I am who I am” or “I will be who I will be.  I most English translations it is printed in all caps, LORD.

The ‘I AM’ scriptures of Jesus show different characteristics of who He is:

I Am the Bread of LIfe

I am the gate

I am the good shepherd

I am the Light of the World

I am the Resurrection

I am the Vine

I am the Way

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Jesus divine nature is revealed in John 8:58 He says, Before Abraham was, I AM.

The I AM is for us.  HE IS the Alpha and Omega!!!

Ah, LORD, God, You are my Bread, the Gate to Eternity, my protecting Shepherd, my light in this dark, dark world, the Resurrection and Life, the Vine, the only Truth that matters.  Fill me to overflowing with Your Spirit today, guide me as only You can.  Make it so, Lord!

11 thoughts on “I AM

  1. I was raised Southern Baptist and converted to Catholicism at age 19. I know usually it is the opposite. It is the same destination, just a different route. I believe the right man was chosen. I have Faith.


    • Awesome! I agree the destination is the same. It would be a really lonely place if heaven were filled with only the right believers. My story is somewhat similar to yours. I was raised a Lutheran then met my husband (my grandmother refused to come to our wedding because he was not a Lutheran…). As you said…I have Faith and I know the right man and Man was chosen. Blessing to you! Marie


  2. Thank you Marie, I like very much how you presented The Great I AM Jesus is also as you know our Living Water and with Him we never have to thirst, many don’t understand what it means like the woman at the well as you shared in your Post about The Living Water, Jesus is also The Living Word and those who claim He is not part of the Trinity or Godhead as The are called in Scripture, find it hard to gel the Scriptures that confirm They are a reality, like the one below…

    1Jonn 5:7 For there are Three that bear witness in Heaven: The Father, The Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are One.

    Thanks again Marie – Christian Love – Anne.


    • I can’t explain it but every time I see the words I AM in the Bible the Spirit in me jumps for joy. And that’s about the only way I can explain it. Lovin’ you Anne! Marie


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    • I am so excited, being Catholic…we have a new Pope! He chose Francis, for St. Francis of Assisi. I had to share that, I hope you understand! Peace.


    • I am delighted to. Although I’m a Baptist I’ve been praying about the whole concave. Whether Baptist or Catholic this man has great influence and impact over the Church at large and I’ve asked God to put the man He’s chosen in the Papal position. Amen and Amen…Marie


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