Love is …

I thought, after the heaviness of the Melchizedek post, everyone might want a break from research and writing.  This post is meant to help you with the Spirit of Love that is in each of us because He lives and loves in us.  Just click on the picture and a song and video of praise for that aspect of His love will begin.  Enjoy!!!!

Heavenly Father, teach me to love like You!  Make it so!

Love 6Love 8

Love 3

Love 2

Love 1

6 thoughts on “Love is …

    • My pleasure! I should have include What Love Is in the selections. If you haven’t heard it it’s on YouTube…It’s definitely a favorite of mine. Marie


  1. Thank you Marie for those quotes, they give wonderful asurence and it is very comforting to know we are deeply Loved even when we are walking in darkness. I was going to Post again soon, how this Truth is a reality even though we may fall into sin before we are perfected in Love but I’m once again having problems with my Blog, it seems WordPress have changed the settings again and I can’t Post without a lot of problems and so it takes me a very long time but when I ask for help I just get a lot of questions and no answers.

    I would also appreciate knowing what the advertisement you have attached to your Gravator picture is all about Marie, is this your workplace ?

    Christian Love – Anne


    • Hi Anne! When you see the coffee cup that is my business site and when you see the silver cross that is the Spirit Sisters site. I want to assure you that both are safe in light of the problems you are having. It seems that whichever site is where I have been working most recently is the gravatar that appears. Isn’t it awesome? God’s Word is full of His love for us. Marie


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