All Things Are Full of God

I came across this beautiful poem from more than a century ago.  It spoke to my heart so I’ve added some pictures to the words.  God bless you throughout this special day.

All Things Are Full of God

by: John Stuart Blackie (1809-1895)

imagesAll things are full of God. Thus spoke
Wise Thales in the days
When subtle Greece to thought awoke
And soared in lofty ways.
And now what wisdom have we more?
No sage divining-rod
Hath taught than this a deeper lore,
cropped-winter-sunrise-in-the-smokies.jpgThe Light that gloweth in the sky
And shimmers in the sea,
That quivers in the painted fly
And gems the pictured lea,
creationThe million hues of Heaven above
And Earth below are one,
And every lightful eye doth love
The primal light, the Sun.
IMG_0142Even so, all vital virtue flows
From life’s first fountain, God;
And he who feels, and he who knows,
Doth feel and know from God.
As fishes swim in briny sea,
As fowl do float in air,
From Thy embrace we cannot flee;
We breathe, and Thou art there.
th (1)Go, take thy glass, astronomer,
And all the girth survey
Of sphere harmonious linked to sphere,
In endless bright array.
All that far-reaching Science there
Can measure with her rod,
All powers, all laws, are but the fair
Embodied thoughts of God.
Consider Psalm 8.    
“All things are full of God” is reprinted from The Oxford book of English mystical verse. Ed. D.H.S. Nicholson. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1917.

2 thoughts on “All Things Are Full of God

  1. Thank you Marie , I like how you added the pictures, well done and I really appreciated the Poem All Things Are Full of God , so very True. I created a Power Point on the Solar System for Ron’s Grandson Nick, I posted it on the Blog some time ago but will do so again as I have now adapted it in parts, it’s long but interesting as it focuses on God as The Creator, yes very True…All Things Are Full of God.

    Thank you again Marie for your compassion and prayers, I miss Mum but rejoice she is with The Lord and is not suffering.

    Christian Love Always – Anne


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