Several years ago the Spirit Sisters did a Bible study that asked us to write a covenant with God.  I did that, put it in my Bible, and forgot to open it at the end of the class.  Recently, I came across it again.  It has some powerful, convicting words in it that I can honestly say I haven’t really pursued.  That does not change my desire to do them or God’s desire to have me do them.

A covenant is a permanent agreement between people or groups that involves promises to each other.  God made covenants with Abraham, Noah, David, Solomon, Samson, and many others in the Word.  Daniel, Gideon, Paul, Ruth…made covenants with God.  Either way the words were meant to influence and last throughout time…and they have.

I hope you will read the one I wrote and that it will motivate you to a closer relationship with Jesus, the One and Only.  In fact, write one of your own!

Father, I am making this ‘covenant’ with You.

thumbnailCAW5ZPKYI will love You!

Fruit of the Spirit colorsI will let the Fruit grow and bear Fruit.

Jesus prayingI will honor You with my words and ways.

listeningI will listen for Your voice and obey.

serveI will serve You by serving others.

Thy WordI will put Your Words in my heart.

followingI will follow You!

Oh, LORD, give me the strength to go where You want me to go, to be what You want me to be, the courage to share You with others, and the wisdom to know how to reflect You in each life situation that comes my way.     (Signed–Marie, April 2, 2007)

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