God’s Beautiful Woman of Strength…..

My dear Aussie frind Anne write beautifully about the woman God uses to inspire the world around her, modeling only that beauty that comes from a true relationship with her Lord.


Woman 1 We wanted today to share an uplifting message for Woman who seek to live faithfully and in obedience to God, who care for their families and show Love, Kindness and Compassion to others, who offer Hospitality and support to those in need. You are in no way inferior to Men or other Woman in prominent positions and in terms of your worth, you are indeed God’s Beautiful Woman of Strength and cherished by Him, your value beyond earthly reckoning.

Your Beauty is also shown in  your focus and  integrity and your acceptance of God’s chosen role for you as your Husbands Helpmates and for seeking to encourage and help other Men that God has placed in Authority over you in the Church or Christian Ministries, respecting them as their Brothers in the Body of Christ and in their Leadership position.

You are to be commended for the inward Beauty you…

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6 thoughts on “God’s Beautiful Woman of Strength…..

  1. Thanks Marie, Blogging is still a bit confusing for me at times, when I think I understand something they change it again, just as well God’s Truth does not change, although people have tried to change it for many , many years and they leave important things out too but it stays the same, we just need Spiritual eyes to see it.

    Blessings – Anne


  2. I’m a bit puzzled Marie, below is the message I received when you Reblogged my Post but you show on your Blog 873 followers, which is True and why the difference ?

    A Satisfied Spirit reblogged God’s Beautiful Woman of Strength….. to 53 followers on A Satisfied Spirit. Congrats!

    Regards -Anne


    • Anne, my blog goes out to several Social Media sites. Those who follow me on those sites are listed in the large number. Those who get my blog through e-mail are the ones listed as the 53. The Blog counter of 873 is all of it added together. Regards-Marie


  3. Thank you Marie for the Reblog it was very kind of you, I’m a bit behind with my Blogging, having had Doctors and Hospital visits but I hope to catch up, Wow that seems to be my hope for a long time now but being short and sweet seems pointless if the message is lost, so I do as lead.

    Thanks again, Christian Love from both of us – Anne.


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