falling-98712_640I fell..flat out…full body…talking to my friend as I walked across her yard…holding my glass of iced tea…didn’t see the landscape timber…caught my toe and down I went…

How did it happen?  I was headed toward the Holy Hug we share each time we see one another.  My mind was set on the accepting, loving, non-judgmental, person walking toward me.  I did not see the obstacle, it was just there.

Isn’t that so like the believer’s journey?  The pure joy of the welcoming, loving arms of our Savior are always waiting for us.  As we move toward Him we don’t see the obstacle and down we go.

There’s more to the story.  I did not have to try to get up on my own.  My sweet husband was there to help me.  Just like my Jesus…the rescuing hand is always there to pull me up and restore.

Oh, How He Loves You and Me!

Romans 323