All For A Sister–Book Review

All for A SisterA 12 year old in jail for a crime she didn’t commit…a mentally ill mother…a beautiful ingenue…questionable justice… mystery and intrigue…lies and secrets…the weak and strong…joy and sorrow…new life and death…this book has it all and more.

The story is set in the Roaring 2o’s.  A decade in American history that changed the country forever.  Social, cultural, and artistic dynamics of the time are woven into this very believable story.  The beginning of color films, clothing, convertibles, the opulence of the new rich as a result of World War 1, give this book a delightful sense of reality.

Imagine, if that’s possible, what it would be like to be jailed at 12…have absolutely no contact with the outside word…knowing you did not commit the crime you were accused of…not given a fair trial, actually no trial at all…released at 32 into a world that was far different that the one you knew as a child…  Allison Pittman, the author, writes so powerfully that it is not hard to become part of the story and live the action and drama along with the characters.

This twisting tale, written in past, present, and future is a delightful way to spend a warm, quiet, summer afternoon.  There are many thought provoking situations presented so be sure to give yourself enough to read then set back and reflect on the content.

Federal Trade Commission Compliance…I was provided a copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers for the sole purpose of reviewing the content.  No other compensation was received or is expected.