A Satisfied Spirit Cares

A Caring Mom

A Caring Mom

I care!  Perhaps too much.  About things that matter, things that don’t matter, and things that should matter.

I care that this world is a scary place and so many people can’t see the beauty of for the fear…

I care that so many marriages are ending before they’ve really had a chance to flourish…

I care that churches, families, and businesses are struggling under political correctness…

I care that violence and hate are so obvious everywhere…

I care so much that I want everyone to know that all can be overcome with time spent in the Word, in Prayer, in fellowship with other Believers, in worship!

Yes, I care!

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8 thoughts on “A Satisfied Spirit Cares

  1. I hear you. Caring makes us better people, yet it can also be frustrating to care and not see others fight for what is good and right. A FMF friend.


  2. Hello, I’m your neighbor today on FMF!
    Yes, so much can be overcome with the Word and fellowship with the like minded, I wholeheartedly agree.


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