Slaying The Debt Dragon Book Review


Motivating…Easy to read…Inspiring…Profound (in places)…

If you’re ready to “slay the debt dragon” this is the method to choose.  Using personal experience and total commitment to the cause (getting out of over one hundred thousand dollars in personal debt) Cherie Lowe gives a plan and a process that worked for her.  After having read this book it will work for me, too.

Her advice is really quite simple and usable.  First, don’t try to do it alone.  Get your spouse or a really good friend on board.  Second, have a plan, write it down and commit to following it.  Third, celebrate your accomplishments.  Plus so much more.

Mrs. Lowe’s use of scripture is spot on and appropriate for what she’s trying to teach.  In several instances her application of the Word helped the concept take life.

She includes templates and many freebies at her website, Queen of Free.  With all that is offered in this excellent book there is no reason anyone should still be in debt.

If you’ve lost your sense of contentment, forgotten how to depend on God to be Jehovah Jirah (God the Provider), or simply can’t figure out how you got in this situation, this is the book for you.  It will be the best, and smartest, $15 you’ve ever spent.

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book through Tyndale House Publishers for the express purpose of review.  No other compensation was recieved.


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