7 Ways To Stop The Christian Gossip Mob

J.S. Park makes some powerful points in this post. We’re just fooling ourselves if we think we’re not part of this at some point. As Mr. Park says at then end ‘Just call it out’ better still, just cut it out!

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

We’ve all been in a crowd where someone starts doing the sassy finger and going into hater mode. “Did you hear about our dear so-and-so in Christ? Because not to be a gossiping jerk, but I’m about to be a gossiping jerk.”

It’s not too hard to stop your own mouth (simple: don’t start), but when someone else among friends starts going off on gossip, it gets awkwardly difficult to control. It’s not enough to just change subjects or step away.

So then, some ways to shut this down.

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