An Open Letter to Whoopi Goldberg….We most certainly WERE Listening

I have many friends who are nurses, practitioners, doctors, aides and so on. I’ve worked side by side with them as an administrator in some really tough situations. They are intelligent, trained, degreed, loving, kind, caring, and so much more. Unfortunately, certain members of the media think they can say anything they want without regard for others. To all the medical professionals I know, particularly nurses, thank you for all you’ve done for my family. You are awesome!

Rebecca's Ramblings

Since I saw The View’s so-called “apology” clip on social media, I’ve given this post a tremendous amount of thought. My first instinct and knee-jerk reaction was to sit down with my laptop and blast them with full force…unload my anger  and outrage onto the page…err…computer screen…so I could purge it and get all of that negativity out of my system. I’ll admit, I even got about a quarter of the way through that piece, when I stopped to re-read it. It was a scathing, searing diatribe that quite frankly, made me ashamed of myself. It sounded like something that the View Crew would say…it was petty, spiteful, angry and distasteful. That’s not who I am as a person, a writer or more specifically, a nurse. Quite frequently, I end my blog posts with a sentence urging my readers to be kind to each other. I am a tireless advocate for tolerance, peaceful coexistence and doing…

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