Thursday Threads

Stitches and Needles and Threads, oh, my!  It made me smile when I thought of it and I could see Dorothy with her basket of projects skipping on the Yellow Brick Road.  Yep, I’m still smiling.

I was recently watching a You Tube video on gridding and the stitcher who made it commented that her reason for gridding is it makes the finished project more achievable with fewer mistakes and less frogging.  After thinking about that for a while, I thought perhaps she’s on to something.  How many times have I put down a project because it was becoming overwhelming to get the counting right?  So, I’ve done a bit of research into gridding and I hope it’s as helpful to you as it was to me.

cross stitch grid linesGridding your cross stitch fabric is simply dividing your cloth into 10 x 10 count squares and stitching lines into the fabric to make them visible as you are stitching.  This video is really short and sweet and shows what you need to know. Just click on the picture to watch it.

61sTrwVpczL._SL1200_Of course, the next question would be, what type of ‘thread’ should I be using  to make the grid lines.  Although you can use regular dressmaker’s thread in any color you want it can be difficult to remove when you finish the project.  I recommend Easy Count Guideline Thread.  It’s not cotton so your stitches are far less likely to get caught in it. (If you click on the picture it will take you to Amazon. Really great price!)

Stitch Along CollageI’ve been busy working on another of the Designer Stitch Along smalls.  Obviously, it’s not finished.  These Designer pieces have been so much fun to work on.  I’m loving it.


This next picture is the finished portion of the Sampler Round Robin.   I’m ready to mail it to the next stitcher and get busy on the piece I get next.  WooHoo!

Round Robin Sept. Blocks

Blessings to you and yours!

Keep On Stitching!