Teach Me To See


Why did this happen? What is going on?  When will it stop? Who is responsible?

We all get trapped in asking these questions when life is closing in and we simply have no answer for what is going on.  We just don’t know yet we know we want to know.

Hidden deep in the Book of Job is a simple answer.   A simple prayer, “Teach me to see what I still don’t see…”  (Job 34:32 MSG)

“God always answers one way or another.” (Job 33:14 MSG) Henry Blackaby in Experiencing  God says God can be ‘heard’ through prayer, Bible study, other Christians, life circumstances, and/or worship.  We must learn to listen.

Abba, Father, open the eyes of my heart.  Help me ‘see’ what you are saying.  Incline Your ear and grant me your peace.  Make it so in Jesus’ Name.

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