Friday Faves

I read many blogs throughout the week and thought you might like to check some of these out.  Don’t you love it that the internet is providing a way to connect with people of like interests all over the world?  What a blessing!

scissors-1126805_960_720The first blog post I’m recommending is at Journey of the Word.  There are some places in the Bible that verses are left out.  Want to know why?  Check it out on this post.  It’s short, sweet, and to the point.


bring-mayberry-backThe How To Guru makes a very compelling argument to look at Mayberry again and apply the characteristics of this 60’s TV show to life today.  She’s spot on with 8 usable and doable challenges.




Have you given much thought to the qualities you’d like to see in your spouse and the future spouse of your children?  Check out Chuck and Ruth Gangard’s post at The Vine Press. 



Most-people-say-they-would-like-to-have-a-more-engaged-prayer-life.-Check-out-these-10-ways-to-add-life-to-your-prayers...I read Deb’s posts at Counting My Blessings every time they pop up in my email. There’s always a great thought or idea.  Today she’s talking about putting life in your prayer life.


yard-yahtzee6-682x1024I do enjoy being outdoors and finding this post in the 100 Happy Days Blog Hop was a delightful surprise.  I’m sure we’ll be using Yard Yahtzee at home and VBS and church picnic and family reunion…  What fun!



I do hope you’ll take the time to visit all or some of these sites.  There’s some really great writing and ideas here.

Blessings to you and yours!