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thmb572ca55393568Happy Friday!  It’s been a very trying week.  I’ve been ill, really sick, for most of the week.  You know the kind of sick that stops everything in its tracks and leaves you so weak all you can do is just lie down and hope it passes soon.  It also gave me way to much time to think about an incident that happened last week.  Don’t delude yourself into believing that only kids are bullied.  I really didn’t recognize it as such until I read this awesome post by Mindy over at the Oil of Myrrh Blog.   satan uses our insecurities to give power to others.  Let me tell you that will stop right now.  Praise God!

Target4Rebekah at Ready To Be Offered has written a post of which we should all be taking note. In Target, Transgenderism, and Toughest Love she comments, “…Christ’s sacrifice  was too costly — and I cheapen grace when I make light of His Word by supporting those who do–”  Her choice to not support large businesses that support the LGBT life-style is encouraging and timely.  Well written Rebekah!

praise-1154566_960_720Can you imagine a world that was hopeful, compassionate, full of grace and mercy, thinking of the other person first, forgiving, loving and prayerful?  This beautiful post at Chasing Holiness uses Francesca Battistelli’s beautiful song Holy Spirit as the framework for a series of ‘what if’ questions that would be world changing if practised.

Blessings to you and yours!




6 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I am so sorry to hear that you were sick like that it sounds like me around Easter when I was really sick so I stayed home did not feel like doing anything. I have not emailed in over 3-2 weeks because our computer went on us. We were able to save the hard drive now we have a lovely new lap top. So getting back to everything. 

    In church I reconnected with a woman that is only 2-3 years older than me. We met at the bus station yesterday and both of us told our spouses that we would be home by 6 well we had such a good time that we lost what time it was and we both called our spouses they made their dinners while Joyce and I ate at the mall. Then at 9 when they were closing the mall I called my husband and he picked us up so we would not have to walk in the rain. I have been praying for a friend because I did not grow up in Bridgeport  or go to school here so I have very few friends but I know the Lord brought us together. Joyce does Embroidery so we want to get together and see if hopefully work together. She has sold her stuff on Etsy and I have sold mine on EBay. We want to see if we can work together. She only lives a few streets down from me! We both can walk to each others house and when her car is fixed she said she would drive us. I have not had a close friend for years.  Linda


  2. Marie, you bless me. Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement, they mean a lot. ((HUG)) xoxo


  3. Hi Marie! We may have the same bug, I just got home from the hospital today after a four day stay. Read your suggestions and will be reading the entire post when I’m feeling better. Thank you…


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