To Follow Her Heart – Book Review

To-Follow-Her-Heart-Rebecca-DeMarinoRebecca DeMarino has once again lived up to my expectations in the third book of The Southold Chronicles.  To Follow Her Heart is a delightful story of two people who have been in love for a long time and the many obstacles that have come between them.

In this story, based on true family history, you’ll read of a shipwreck with no known survivors – War – Love lost and found – How European illnesses wiped out most of a Native American tribe – A dreadful fire and much loss – An ‘on-again’ ‘off-again’ wedding – A long sea journey

Even some excellent advice that holds true in both the 15th and the 21st centuries from one of the main characters to another… Life is uncertain and we can’t let fear control our decisions.

If you like Christian Romance I highly recommend this book and its prequels.  Book 1 – A Place In His Heart and Book 2 – To Capture Her Heart are excellent stories that stand on their own and are definitely worth your reading time.

Blessings to you and yours!


I was provided a copy of this book by Revell Publishers for the sole purpose of review. The words and thoughts are entirely my own.  I receive no remuneration in any form except for the print copy.