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I’ve been reading a lot in the last few days.  Here are a few of my finds. You can enjoy them by clicking on the picture or the title.

like-a-tongue-sticks-to-an-icicle-i-stuck-my-god-given-gifts-and-talents-inside-my-pocket-where-they-lay-frozen-and-uselessPRIDE DIGNITY AND POCKET LINT                                           Are you kept from sharing your talents because of perfectionism or self-comparison issues.  As Daughters of the King we are given many talents to use in glorifying Him.  We must use them!



HOW TO CONNECT WITH THE FAITH SISTERS YOU NEED         Being intentional in our friendships, spending time with one another, and keeping God in the relationship are a few of the ways to stay connected.


The-Eternally-Valuable-Practice-of-Becoming-a-Minimalist-womenabidingTHE ETERNALLY VALUABLE PRACTICE OF BECOMING A MINIMALIST                                                                   Who are you serving?  Your stuff or your Lord.  I’ve been wanting to downsize for quite awhile and this article was very motivational toward that goal.

check-your-neck_-thyroid-cancer-awarenessCHECK YOUR NECK; THYROID CANCER AWARENESS            It is really important that we, women, take responsibility for our health issues.  Being a cancer survivor has made me very aware that unless we insist there is something wrong our doctor may choose not to pursue the issues we are bringing them.  It happened to me,                                                                                           which is why I’m so passionate about                                                                                      who my doctors are and if they will                                                                                          honor my reasonable requests.

gossip-is-a-problem-in-the-church-it-is-often-the-excused-sin-cloaked-as-a-prayer-need-motivated-by-pride-and-judgmentBE HAPPY AND AVOID GOSSIP          Gossip is a big problem everywhere.  In the church where it is disguised as acceptable sin, at the coffee shop where it’s the norm for our culture, yes, even on the phone in private conversations.  God doesn’t like it and we must stop doing it.  Great ideas here for doing just that.

I hope you’ll take the time to read these awesome posts.

Keep on keeping on.


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