What IF …

When was the last time you looked back a situation and said, “What if… ?”

From the time we’re very young we start having ‘regrets’. We start thinking what if I had not said that. What if I had not done that. What if I had chosen something different. Regret is one of the most common, negative feelings human beings experience.

Everyone has regrets!  Psalm 51 is a prayer about David’s regret over adultery and murder.  And what about Peter?  When he realized what he had done he went away and wept bitterly, Luke 22:61-62. (Can you even imagine what Jesus’ long glance did to him?)

The good thing about having regret is it shows we’re paying attention to our shortcomings, yes, even our sins.  It’s knowing that something went wrong, something’s not right.  Thinking what could I have done instead of what I did prepares us for the next time the situation occurs.

But then…  Get rid of it!  Take it to the cross and leave it there.  Quit mulling over it and over it and over it…  (satan loves that because it takes our focus off Jesus).  Pray David’s prayer:

Blessings to you and yours!


(Click on the picture above to hear Keith Green’s beautiful rendition of this prayer.)

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10 thoughts on “What IF …

  1. Hello fellow blogger,
    I popped over from Count your blessings linky party.
    “The good thing about having regret is it shows we’re paying attention to our shortcomings” – so true.
    I love that you have been able to share a meaningful message in so few words. Thank you.


  2. I love Keith Green’s song- such a beautiful version of David’s prayer. So true that regret is good as it convicts us of sin but then we need to let go of it and trust in God’s forgiveness. I enjoyed your post. Visiting from FMF #20.


  3. When was the last time I said what if? EVERY. DAY. I loved your post today and am glad that I could visit you through FMF. I loved the perspective that regrets are an indication that we are aware of our shortcomings and our sins. Thank you for that. Keep up the great writing!


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