Pen Pal Project

junk-mailHave you noticed your mailbox flooded with adds and junk?

Remember having a pen pal?

clasped-hands-541849_960_720Would you like to make a friend, perhaps for life?



letter-700386_960_720Do you love getting letters instead of bills?
Are you willing to write once or twice a month? (This doesn’t have to be a long letter.  Sometimes a note or a cute card or bookmark or… is sufficient.)

Then join the Pen Pal list and I’ll match you up!

Here’s how to join the Pen Pal list.

Please message me with:
Your name
Your address
Your blog address (Not a requirement to participate!)
Your hobbies
Would you like an International pen pal (International letters cost $1.15)

I’m looking forward to this! I hope you are too!

Blessings to you and yours!


P.S. I’m not going to police this. Once you’re assigned to a pal you’re on your own. I will keep a list of partners, though.

7 thoughts on “Pen Pal Project

  1. What a great idea! We have ‘secret friends’ at the university I work at, and it is such a sweet surprise to give and receive regular encouragement. I’m going to share this, and so glad you shared on Fresh Market Friday, Marie!


  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your well wishes…It was getting so hard for me to go to work so I guess it is a blessing that I am no longer working…. It will be much better for my knee as I can elevate it and pack it in ice, resting it until the surgery….. And I do believe that everything happens for a reason so this is what was supposed to happen…


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