The Powerful Purpose of Introverts – Book Review

Yes, I am an introvert.  I certainly never thought I was until I read this definitive study of the subject.  I also took all the tests, answered the questions, did some research of my own, and discovered I’ve been denying parts of my personality.  What a difference!!!

I want to take a few moments of your time to share what I have learned and with that encourage you to read The Powerful Purpose of Introverts by Holley Gerth.

I am a creative person. I like to move furniture around, use color to enhance my home.  I like to sew, knit, crochet, cross-stitch, and design my own projects.  I like to read, write, and think in quiet places where I can totally focus. I love to teach, sing, and play the piano for God’s glory.   I like to share my work with others.  Trust me, I am not shy about it.  Now you might think, like I did for so long, that makes me an extrovert.  Not so!  All these things make me who I am.  Holley Gerth says, “When we become more aware of ourselves, we become more aware of others too.”

I used to think that people who want solitude, time alone, were some kind of weird.  I love being with people, talking with people, interacting with people, but it sometimes drains me.  All these things are not the opposite of solitude.  Allowing myself time ‘alone’ increases my creativity, deepens my Christian growth, and helps me focus on what is really important.

Through this book, I discovered to be the best me I can be I must take time to make and grow positive personal connections.  For me, this means listening well, being patient and persistent (always working on this one), and sharing the limelight.

I could almost hear myself talking at one point in my reading.  A loud noise of any kind is so deeply offensive to my sensibilities that I will choose not to involve myself in activities that have that potential.  Concerts of any kind, including the symphony, require me to always carry earplugs.  When Holley commented that she does too I was truly seeing myself.  I absolutely love music and good speakers, but they can be overwhelming for this introvert.

Holley Gerth writes about being an introvert with great passion, with the sensitivity of being an introvert, but most of all with the desire to help everyone understand both themselves and the people around them.

Oh, how I have grown through reading this book.  Read it!  You will grow too.

Blessings on blessings to you and yours!


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  1. I love Holley Gerth. Her devotional book, What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days, is probably the most encouraging devotional I have on my shelf. Two others are also highly cherished. I definitely want to read this book. I discovered a few years ago that I really am an introvert—an extroverted introvert, in that I can be outgoing and sociable—but I definitely refuel by time alone. I don’t like crowds, and I HATE being the center of attention. In our noisy world, people can think that is very weird.


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