This Hallelujah Banquet – Book Review

I was absolutely delighted when I saw that Eugene Peterson had written a new book with the Revelation as its theme. I have long respected this incredible servant of God and have used his transliteration of the Word, The Message, as a resource for both teaching and understanding the Bible. This Hallelujah Banquet is a collection of some of his former sermons and messages that address the behavior of the 7 churches and the invitation to the Hallelujah Banquet. The book is both purposeful and powerful. It gives additional insight into the last days at a time when it is truly needed.

Here are a few take-aways and quotes. (EP in parenthesis and dark print denotes a direct quote from the book.)

The Church in Ephesus – If we do not love, (Which is what human beings do best.) then nothing else we do is adequate to replace it. “For love is not what we do after we get the other things done, if we have any energy left over. Love is what we do, period.”  (EP)

The Church in Smyrna – We must get over the “I” disease. One of the worst effects of suffering is the sense of isolation that it brings. We feel that in our pain we are cut off from God and from all friends. (EP)

The Church in Pergamum – Truth is more than telling it. It’s all about living it! Christ is our comprehensive, personal truth to be expressed in gestures, actions, and conversations when no one is watching.  (EP)  

The Church in Thyatira – We (and they) live in a Jezebel culture. Success is totally separated from God at all cost! While many believers seem to want to retreat from society, there is no way to be a Christian except in the world.   (EP)

The Church in Sardis – Playing spills out when we are being ourselves. Praying spills out when we are being more than ourselves. (EP)

The Church in Philadelphia – We must stand up to the lies, indifference and evil that is all around us, always taking God’s side in our lives!  He gives us the best He has. He also gets the best out of us. He saves us. He also sends us. He cares for us, but He also challenges us. (EP)

The Church in Laodicea – We live in a lukewarm culture. We have so much that we cannot see everything around us (jobs, stuff, successes, families) has taken over what God has done and is doing for us. We are more influenced by the culture than the Cross. Luke-warmness is a human trait. It happens when prosperity takes over life. (EP)

One final quote and something to think on:

If you want to swear, you have to learn a new word in every language. If you want to say, “Praise God,” one word will do that all over the world: hallelujah. (EP)

This book was filled with new revelations. (A bit of a word play, if you don’t mind.) I highly recommend it. It will be available for purchase on January 26, 2021. You can pre-order it here.

Blessings to you and yours!


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