How to Regulate Emotions in Your Home by Being the Emotional Thermostat


How To Regulate Emotions in Your Home by Being an Emotional Thermostat

Check out the rest of the article that this prayer came from by clicking on the title. The author (Simone Griffin), not me, does an excellent job of helping us understand our role as women in the home.  Sometimes we all need to be reminded of God’s word and plan.

O God of peace and calm, 

Lead our feet away from panic and chaos.

Help us to tame our tongues and season our speech with grace

So that we sound like You.

Help us to expand our patience and kindness

So that we serve like You.

Help our love be unconditional

Like Yours.

May the seeds we plant in obedience

Bear fruit in the lives of our loved ones.

May we recognize the potency of our words

And also see power in our silence.

Help us to remember we are first sinners

And second, sinned against.

Help us to seek to understand

More than being understood.

Help us care more about Your Word

than having the last word.

Guide us

And hide us

In Your Truth

For the rest of our days.


Blessings and success to you and yours!


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