One Person Can Do A Lot – The Healing of Natalie Curtis – Book Review

Natalie CurtisThe book I’ve just read may get 1st place in my fiction list for 2021. This is the story (based on fact) of a depressed, defeated woman’s journey. She had spent hours studying and practising piano but at the first of what would have been many performances and honors, she couldn’t do it.

Natalie Curtis (Burlin) determines to face her imperfections and fears and travels to the West to find herself again in the songs of the Native American culture. She discovers the right thing to do, follows through, and in the process finds her life purpose.

Never imposing her personal thoughts or views, seeking to simply understand, this nearly forgotten woman of history gave us the history of the Southwestern Native American culture, through her saving, writing, and recording of their music, dances, ceremonies, and traditions.

In her journey, she discovered that all people need healing. She discovers hers through the music that was (and still is) everywhere in the Native American culture. She found healing in the songs that surrounded every event, chore, and life circumstance.

And that’s not all! She took on a nation that was trying to cancel the culture of another through what is known as The Code of Offenses. This government program, in effect in the Early 1900’s, prohibited the Native Americans from singing, dancing, worshipping, and even speaking their native language. They were required to wear “American” clothes, attend “American” schools, and never speak or sing of their past. (Sound familiar?) She set out to right the wrong and even received the support of then-President, Teddy Roosevelt.

I highly recommend reading The Healing of Natalie Curtis!

Blessings to you and yours!


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