Are You a Vigneron?

God is always looking for faithful servants.

In Matthew 20:1-16 we are told the story (parable) of the grape farmer who wants to hire workers for his vineyard. Jesus words speak to us of how much God values His people and the work they do for the Kingdom.

Sometimes people stand around thinking we don’t have what it takes or maybe we think we don’t fit into God’s plan.

In the story, the Master goes out 5 times and hires new workers each time. Think about it – 5 different times. God can use workers any time. The workers hired at the beginning of the day were probably the strongest, most skilled, and motivated. The workers at the end of the day could have been older, weaker, ill, and/or unskilled.

As we read further details we find the workers who were hired in the early part of the day complaining that they had worked longer, hotter, tiring, and taxing hours. (vs. 12 “they have born the burden of the day and the scorching heat”.) This, almost hidden, comment leads us to the conclusion that they were working in the summer. Grapes are pruned in the spring and early summer, grow and develop in the heat of summer, and are usually harvested in the fall. These words are placed here to remind us that not all the work in the Master’s vineyard is done during the harvest. There are many jobs to be done before the grapes are picked.

We are all looking for the purpose God has for our lives. We are all called to serve in the vineyard. We are told, actually commanded, to go and tell. We call all become a vigneron – one who cultivates a vineyard. The Master is not concerned with age, skill, gender, race, or denomination. He wants each of us contributing to building up the Kingdom (his Church). It takes more than pastors, teachers, and musicians. There is a job for you that He has already prepared and planned.

How are you working in your local church? What do you see yourself doing? God can use you anywhere, anytime!

Abba, Father, show us where You need us to work in the vineyard. Give us strength and courage to do the job You have determined for us.

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  3. I appreciate your perspective, Marie, and it is so true, “Not all the work in the Master’s vineyard is done during the harvest. There are many jobs to be done before the grapes are picked.” And I agree with your prayer.


    • Thank you, Lisa! Sometimes the job seems so overwhelming that all we can do is pray.
      Blessings to you and yours!


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