You Have A Gift

How are you using your gift?

Each of us was given a gift. Just as God chose us for a specific purpose and He gave us what we need to accomplish that purpose. (Jeremiah 29:11)

There’s more to it though. We are to use that gift to encourage others in their daily walk. The gift we’re given is specific to God’s Plan for His church. Once again, let me remind you, the gifts and talents are not for our benefit but to help others become what God has purposed for them.

Are you using your gift? Do you know what it is? (If you don’t you can find out here – Spiritual Gifts Survey) I highly encourage you to take the time to find out, then share it with your local church leaders so it can be used.

Abba, Father, open our hearts and minds to Your plan for our lives. Help us all know and use the gift You have given us for the benefit of Your Kingdom.