Everyone Sins

Are you guilty?

Did you notice the word all? Even the person you think is the best Christian who has ever walked on this earth still sins.

Let’s think of it like this: Fault-finder or encourager? Prideful or humble? Lazy or active? Greedy or generous? Angry or peaceful?

It is impossible to live on this earth and not sin. Sin is any word, thought, or behavior that conflicts with God and His Word. In fact, it might be even more. Romans 14:23 says: But anyone who believes that something he wants to do is wrong shouldn’t do it. He sins if he does, for he thinks it is wrong, and so for him it is wrong. Anything that is done apart from what he feels is right is sin.

So, then, what can be done? How do we overcome sin? First, we recognize it, then we ask God to forgive us. We accept His forgiveness and move on in renewed faith.

Change our hearts, oh God! Show us the sin before we follow through with it. Make us more like You!