Sunday Psalms 3

Psalm 3

Father, God, answer my prayer. You have made me right in Your eyes. You have calmed my fears. Forgive me and hear my prayer.

Why do so many hate me? Will they ever stop listening to the lies and dishonesty of the know-it-alls?

God knows His children! He hears me when I call.

Think about why you’re so angry. Don’t always say what you are thinking. Do not sin!

Repent and trust God!

Shine down on me! Let me know Your goodness and joy.

In my sleep, You alone protect me. You give me peace!

Sunday Psalms are the Psalms in my own words.  You can click on the Psalm number at the top to read it from the NIV Bible.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Psalms 3

  1. Praying the word is so powerful! I love to put a verse into my own words and pray it to God. Blessings, Jo


    • I had often done as you do but when I started reading the Psalms this time through the Bible I decided to think harder and write what my thoughts told me. This has been a very interesting project and I am learning a lot. Blessings to you and yours! Marie


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