The Double Edged Sword


This has long been one of my favorite passages in the Word.   I am often humbled by the fact that I will ultimately give an account of my life to my Great High Priest, Jesus.  It tells me that I must use the Word to define my life.  But there’s more to it…

Active, in the Greek, is energes.  It is commonly used, in the Bible, as a medical term that means engaged to/in work, effective.  Think about that.  God’s Word is meant to be active, healing medicine for us.  The double-edged sword is a reference to a surgical knife.  In modern terms a scalpel that opens the surface (skin), cuts through to the bone, and reveals all.

And so, God knows all and sees all.  His word is meant to heal us.  It is meant to protect and defend us.  He gave it and breathed it so we would have the answers and ‘remedies’ we need. (2 Timothy 3:16)  His expectations are for us to read it and use it!

Blessings to you and yours!


Time Is…

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time (Photo credit: ToniVC)

As some of you know, one of my favorite scriptures is Galatians 4:4.  When the fullness of time had come God sent forth His Son…   It speaks loudly to me because my life has been full of instances where everything had to be ready for the next step to happen.  The fullness concept is that, over the millennia, God has put every person, place, event, and so on, in place, to reach that particular moment on the time line.  He does the very same thing for us.  Every one of our life events is ordered so that as time marches on everything is in place for the next event.  (I’m in no way saying we don’t have choices, it’s that our choices have ripple effects.)

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 complements Galatians 4:4 by being more specific about the order of time.  This Old Testament writing has great relevance to the effect of time.


These beautiful words have much to say about the fact that time effects every part of our lives.  We have to remember that there is a natural order to life events and it’s God’s job to create the sequence.  How would we know what death is without  birth, what weeping is without laughter, what silence is without speaking, what war is without peace?

Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us ‘He has made everything beautiful in its time.’ reminding us that even though we may live in historical period and culture that says, ‘You can have it all and you can have it now!” that’s not God’s plan. The rest of this verse says, ‘Also, He has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from beginning to the end.’  Our desire to understand God’s sequence for our lives is not easily attainable, sometimes, we never do figure out the why’s of life’s events.  Even so,  as we grow and mature, more and more is made known to us.  For me, knowing that God is in control is enough.

hand footWorship Him with the beautiful images and music of In His Time.

Heavenly Father, teach us to wait on You.  Give us the Wisdom to know when the time is full for any of our endeavors.  Control me, Lord.  Give us strength and courage to model You and Your Word in every matter of our lives.  I lift this prayer in Jesus saving Name.  Make it so!

Living Water

waterHave you ever noticed how many times water is used to describe a Biblical concept throughout the Word?  The Old and New Testament use this metaphor.  I’m going to focus today on a few of the ways water is connected to Jesus, the Living Water.

Turn to John 1:29-34 and let’s take a look at Jesus’ Baptism.  John makes a clear distinction between baptizing (The Greek word here is baptizo and means getting totally wet) with water and the Baptism of the Spirit.  Water baptism is obedience to the Lord’s call with a public affirmation of faith.  The symbolism here regards the complete washing away of our sin and rising to eternal life from the watery grave.  The baptism of the Spirit is what we receive when we acknowledge Christ as our personal Savior.  The Spirit completely indwells and covers us, never to leave.  It represents us to the world as God’s own.

The first miracle recorded in the Word is His turning the water into wine.  This account is found in John 2:1-10.  Mary tells Jesus the wine has run out.  Not a good thing to happen in a wedding celebrations.  It would have been very embarrassing because hospitality was a very big part of life in that time.  It is interesting that He appears to say no to His mother.  In reality He followed through.  On the surface of this miracle it would seem that turning water to wine is the main issue.  I think Jesus was starting the pattern of signs that would lead to our understanding that He is the Jehovah Jirah, the God who provides.  He wanted us to understand that as the Living Water He alone will provide all our needs.


Jesus uses water again to show the Woman at the Well that she needs to turn away from her sin and start a new life.  (Hm-m-m-m-m I see hints of our Baptism concept.)  John 4:5-26 tells the whole story.  Water is the true fountain of life.  One can live longer without food than they can without water.  As Jesus speaks to the Samarian Woman she understands and asks where she can get some of this Living Water.  Jesus explains His place in the metaphor and she gets it!  If you read the next few verses you find that she left her waterpot (a physical manifestation of the need for water) and went into the city to tell the men.  They came to see Him.  She filled Christ’s desire for us to ‘go and tell’.  (Perhaps she is the first missionary…)

There are many water metaphors.  Consider Luke 22:10 – You will see a man carrying a pitcher of water….John 19:34 – Water poured out of the wound left by the piercing of His side…Revelation 22:17 – The invitation to freely take the Water of Life.

Water is a visible representation of life from Genesis to Revelation.  Such a simple commodity, such an eternal function.

Heavenly Father, Giver of Eternal Life, I have tasted the Living Water.  Give me more.  Let me feast at your table…Let me drink of the Water.  Make it so!

Worship Him with song!   Let The Living Water


Pleasing Who? Pt. 2

Sometimes the things I write have a way of going full circle.  At Tuesday morning’s Bible Study a friend came to me with a piece of paper and said if I was really serious about my comments in Part 1 here is how I could follow through.  On this paper was the address of the prison closest to us.  He explained how to use their website to find those from our area.  Now I can write them notes of encouragement and I am excited about doing that.  Thank you friend!!!

The next way to please God is Hebrews 13:3b.  It tells us to remember those who are suffering.  Not just in our thoughts but as though we were right there with them going through what they are.  I think the reason for the admonition is we have a tendency to say things like, ‘I know what you’re going through’ or ‘a friend had the same thing happen’ or …  Friends I don’t care if the exact thing happened to me it doesn’t make it easier for the one suffering.  I’ve found that my presence, a hug, words that say I love you, I care about you, tell me what I can do, are much more supportive.

I think I could do a year’s worth of blogs on this next one.  MARRIAGE IS TO BE HONORED BY ALL.  Faithfulness to our spouse shows the world who and whose we are.  Immorality and adultery will be judged by God.  40 years of marriage to one person has taught me a lot.  Ray is my lover, my counselor, my confidant, my helper, my supporter, my friend…and I am his.  We are man and woman together and that’s how God intended it to be.  We honor God by not only honoring one another but honoring the marriages of those around us.

Do not love money!!!  Be satisfied with what you have!  God is not saying we can’t be rich or not have possessions.  He is saying anytime, anything becomes more important to you than HIM it becomes your god.  You can have no other gods.  We are to be satisfied with Him, in Him, and through Him.

Ah, Lord, God, mighty and powerful, You are my One and Only!  Thank You for the privilege of teaching Your word.  Help us desire above all to be more and more like You.  Let our words, our lives, our actions be pleasing to You.  I lift this prayer in the Precious Name of my Jesus.  Make it so!