Psalm 119:11

It is so important that we are memorizing His Word. When we do that we are imprinting on our brain the things we need for life. It brings us closer to God. It protects us from sin. It helps us encourage others.

There’s more to memorizing the Word than repeating it over and over until it is firmly branded on our minds. We need to be meditating on it, discovering it’s meaning, and becoming aware of how it applies to our lives.

This morning I was doing that with the verse above. God had put it in my mind while I was falling asleep last night and I woke up thinking about it. (Has he done that with you, too?) I think He wanted me to discover this truth: If His word is not part of our choices then the choice we’re making is not in line with what He has purposed for our lives.

Let me tell you, I was ‘blown away’ with that thought. How many times have I simply made a choice instead of letting His Words guide me? How many times have you done that? Many times the consequences have been good but sometimes…

That’s why we must have His Word planted deeply in our heart, mind, and soul. Making decisions based on His Word keeps us on solid ground.

Abba, Father, open our hearts to Your Word. Give us great desire to know it so well that each time we face a decision we can call a verse to mind that applies to it.

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Sunday Psalms 5

Psalm 5

Hear my words, LORD. My King and my GOD. I lift my prayers to You. Sometimes my words are just sounds, yet You still hear my prayers every morning.

You do not allow wicked people to live near You. You hate all who are evil, who think they are better than You. You destroy liars and murderers.

I bow down before You. I worship and adore You. You have chosen me and made the way stright before me. My enemies are lost and cannot find their way. They speak lies and death is in their words. Judge them, LORD. Let their own words convict them of their sin and rebellion against You.

All who live in Your protection will rejoice & sing. You are praised by all who love You. Put Your shield of favor over Your chosen, O LORD!

Sunday Psalms are the Psalms in my own words.  You can click on the Psalm number at the top to read it from the NIV Bible.

Ask ME

In the American culture, we are taught self-sufficiency and independence from a very young age. Will it surprise you to discover that those ‘qualities’ are not particularly Biblical? We don’t have to do everything ourselves nor should we.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. James 1:5

God wants to be asked. He hears us! He is listening! Not only that but He will not ‘put us down’ for what we request. God is a generous giver and loves doing it.

God always answers! He either says yes, no, or when the time is right.

He always knows what we need, even before we know. Sometimes, He’s waiting for us to realize what we need and let Him provide. My God will provide all I need according to His riches in glory. (Philippians 4:18-20)

Abba, Father, thank You! Your generosity knows no limits. Thank You!


Are you physically, mentally, totally aware of God’s forgiveness? Is that even possible?

This morning the verse above popped into my mind. I wasn’t even reading Lamentations today, but there it was and I knew the Holy Spirit was leading me to a new understanding of His forgiveness. These words speak to the fact that God forgives us every day, every morning.

Mercies refer to forgiveness. They are much more than giving us a loving hug and moving on. This kind of forgiveness never ends. There is no punishment involved. It’s simply God showing His great love for us, over and over, faithfully, every morning of our lives.

How awesome is that!

Oh, How He Loves Us!

Abba, Father, Your forgiving love is beyond anything we have ever imagined! Forgive our sins, enter our hearts, and join us on this day!


Sometimes it’s just too much! Sometimes I can’t bear the insanity of the world any longer. Sometimes I’m so tired, so overwhelmed, sometimes I just don’t understand…

This simple verse gives the simplest of answers. Come to Jesus! That’s it! That’s all!

It’s just not possible to do it all ourselves. This verse assures us that there is Another who really wants to help, to comfort, to guide.

Each morning I read a Psalm and then I pray it back. This morning it was Psalm 23. I find this one of the most calming, restful, and supportive of all the Psalms.

My Shepherd, You are all I want. All I need.
You help me make the right choices.
When darkness surrounds me I do not fear because You are protecting me.
Those who would harm me see all You do for me.
My life will always be filled with your loving kindness and forgiveness.
Your house is my home throughout all eternity.

Abba, Father, You know what life is like right now. Open our hearts to Your Word. Give us Your love! Let us know Your Holy Presence!