It hardly seems like a year has passed since our Great Miracle, yet it has.  On October 30, 2010 Ray fell over the cat gate causing a Traumatic Brain Injury w/ Subdural Hematoma.  He was taken to Bryan Hospital Emergency who diagnosed the situation, then was life-flighted to University of Toledo Medical Center (formerly MCO), where surgery was performed to remove the blood that had gathered.  After 5+ hours of surgery the surgeon met with me and told me that he was in very critical condition, his brain had shifted right of center, and had only a 50% chance of survival.  He was in a drug induced coma, with feeding tubes and respirator for 20 days.  When he awoke he knew me and others as they came to visit.  (Please realize there was a very real possibility he would know no one.)  As days passed after that more and more of his memory was regained and he was sent to UTMC Boot Camp Therapy.  He learned to walk, talk, think, and go about the business of life.  On day 39 he was released from the Hospital TO COME HOME.  He had several months of rehabilition ahead but he was home.  (The original prognosis had been 6 months in the hospital and a year or more of intensive rehabilitation.)

I can’t even describe how thankful I am for this great miracle.  Everyday, as I sent out emails to let family, friends, and colleagues know what was going on I ended the post with, ‘GOD IS IN CONTROL’.  And He is.  Every part of the care Ray received was exactly what he needed.  From his brain surgeon, Dr. Guidon, to his ICU nurses, to the many other doctors, technicians, etc., who gave his care, were in God’s control.  How do I know this?  I put it there.  I told God I had no idea what decisions to make and needed His help when I was told in the initial diagnosis at Bryan that Ray was in Serious Critical condition and would need to be life flighted.  HE clearly told me HE was in control and would help me in every way.  HE DID. 

There was one other thing that was happening too.  That was the prayers of the Faithful.  Hundreds of old and new friends and family were alerted to the situation in many churches across the country and our Glorious God heard them.  He not only is incredibly merciful in His actions but we have been told of many who now believed that God still does miracles.  We do not always know what His definitive plan is but we do know that we were in His arms every minute of the situation.  I was able to rest in the comfort of His love constantly without fear and with the knowledge that he was there with me, again.  “Oh, How He Loves You and Me!”

Many who love us, more than I ever thought possible, were with us that day and for the many that followed.  They were there because they knew how much I needed their physical comfort.  They were there because the Spirit was saying Ray and Marie need you.  I am so blessed by all of you.  I can’t say thank you enough.

Shortly before Ray told me he had a serious problem, several hours after the fall, I had been dreaming.  I drempt that I was quietly walking, in a soothing garden, with Jesus.  We were not talking, we were just enjoying one another’s company.  I know without doubt that, as I look back on it, He was saying I am here, let Me lead.  Whether one believes in dreams or not the memory of that was enough to get me through and remind me HE IS HERE for us.

God’s Word is true.  When He says in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has a plan for us HE MEANS IT.  When He says in Jeremiah 29:12-13 that He will hear the prayers of His people HE MEANS IT.  When He says He will answer in the same verses HE MEANS IT!

Ah, Lord, God, Creator of all that was, is, and is to come, You are all we need in the overwhelming trouble that surrounds us.  You are more merciful and loving than we deserve.  You hear me and answer me.  You still perform miracles.  You are the One and Only,  Awesome God and Jehovah Jirah (my provider).  Continue Your healing and giving us strength and forgive us when we forget that You are the One in control.  I lift this prayer to the throne in the Precious Name of Jesus.


What do we really give to God?  Do we keep anything from God?

Read Acts 20:35

All that we have IS HIS and WAS HIS and will always BE HIS.  The time we spend playing computer games rather than searching for more understanding through the same source IS HIS.  The things we do, like writing, crafting, singing, playing an instrument, cooking, baking, career or job activities ARE HIS.  Every penny of the money we have, earn or inherit  IS HIS.

If we are holding back any part of the ALL that IS HIS we need to ask Him to make us aware.  Pray that we will be made aware of what is needed in the Kingdom.  Our return of His provision let those around us know that WE ARE HIS!  (John 13:35)

Reaching Out

What are we doing to bring the lost to Christ?  Who do we know that needs to know the love of Jesus?  Are we consistantly showing others that we are a child of the King?  Do our words and actions lift up and not put down those around us?

OK!  I’d like to say yes to all those questions, but then I’d have to ask for forgiveness for lying.  These kinds of questions are so convicting for me that I already feel the need to get on my knees.

Are we giving a cup of water (or food, or clothing, or help) when one who does not have it shows the need?  Or are we sending them away with a hug and the thought that we have problems and needs too.  They may not ask  but when we see the need we must act upon it.   We really do show our commitment to our LORD through our actions.  Can we even imagine the surge of New Believers if  our relationship with Jesus is evident in all our thoughts, words, and actions. 

Applying ourselves to a way of life  that shares our faith regularly with those around us is one way to reach the non-Believer.   Caring about others goes a long way toward saying and showing that we really are who God says we are.

There is an additional page on this blog called Lifestyle Evangelism where I’ll be placing suggestions for caring, sharing, and reaching out to everyone around us.  Even though we are commanded to reach and teach the lost we also need to show our support to other believers.  Take the time – TODAY!