Book Review – New Testament Breakthrough Version


Have you ever wondered why there are so many words in the Bible that seem to mean the same thing but when applied to the passage it doesn’t mean what you think you should?  The author of this translation spent more than 30 years carefully researching word meanings and applying that this work.  His work comes from the fact that the Bible was translated over 600 years ago and the words used then are not the same as they are now.  Word meanings change over time and with that it becomes difficult to know what a word meant 600 years ago and how it applies to life today.  If you want to check this out head over to and check out the comparison charts.  They are informative and give an excellent picture of how the author researched to make this a usable resource.

With that said let me say that I, personally, believe in the total inerrancy of the Word.  I believe that it is and was totally ‘God-breathed’ as it says in 2 Timothy 3:16.  I also believe it is totally our responsibility, as believers, to check out any passage or translation that does not ‘ring true’ for us with all the resources we have.  So when I had a question about a passage I went to my Key Word Hebrew-Greek Study Bible, any or all of the commentary’s I could find, a variety of other study Bibles, and did on-line research when necessary.  Guess what?  I never found a time when this translation was inaccurate or not applicable.

I received a copy of this Bible from Breakthrough Bible Publishing for the sole purpose of reading and review. The thoughts and comments in this review are totally my own and influenced only by my personal and life experiences.  I have spent the past 6 months using this translation in teaching, study and worship experiences.  It has shed light on some passages and taken me to new thoughts on things I already thought I knew.  It is an excellent resource for any Bible teacher and I am delighted to add it to my library and highly recommend it for yours.

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Blessings to you and yours!



The Double Edged Sword


This has long been one of my favorite passages in the Word.   I am often humbled by the fact that I will ultimately give an account of my life to my Great High Priest, Jesus.  It tells me that I must use the Word to define my life.  But there’s more to it…

Active, in the Greek, is energes.  It is commonly used, in the Bible, as a medical term that means engaged to/in work, effective.  Think about that.  God’s Word is meant to be active, healing medicine for us.  The double-edged sword is a reference to a surgical knife.  In modern terms a scalpel that opens the surface (skin), cuts through to the bone, and reveals all.

And so, God knows all and sees all.  His word is meant to heal us.  It is meant to protect and defend us.  He gave it and breathed it so we would have the answers and ‘remedies’ we need. (2 Timothy 3:16)  His expectations are for us to read it and use it!

Blessings to you and yours!