Father’s Image

I look like my dad.  It’s hard to describe how happy it made me when I was given this picture.  Dad is about six years old here and the child beside him is his twin brother .  I really don’t know why this had such a profound affect on me.  Throughout my life I’ve felt a special connection to him.  (Dad went to be with Jesus several years ago.)  He loved, supported, respected, and cared in ways that only the most special dad’s can.



These are the character traits I saw in my dad and part of why he was the Best Dad Ever.

He put my mom first.

He loved, respected and supported we three girls.

He was always there for us!

He provided all we needed, even though that meant he might not have the things he wanted.

He saw us as individuals, allowing each of us to have room in his heart but not placing one above the other.

In Romans 8:39 we are told that nothing can separate us from our Father’s love.  I knew this to be true of my ‘daddy’ (I called him that through adulthood.) and it has helped me understand my Abba.

My Father's Eyes by Amy Grant

My Father’s Eyes by Amy Grant

This beautiful song My Father’s Eyes puts words to music.  Click on the picture to listen.





Blessings to you and yours!