ELOHIM SHOMRI – God Is My Protector

GOD is striding ahead of you. He walks proudly, with importance in His step, carrying the banner that identifies me as part of His family. He’s covering every second, every nuance of this day. Psalm 139

He’s right there with you.  Not just ahead but in front, back, sides, up and down.  In my mind, my heart, my soul.  He has all of me. He’s covering every second, every nuance of this day. Isaiah 41:10

He won’t let you down.  He keeps all of His promises, faithfully.  He never fails us. Psalm 145:13

Don’t be intimidated.  There are bullies and controllers everywhere, including our inner minds!  Stop listening to them.  Only God is worth consistently listening to! Deuteronomy 13:6

Don’t worry! Just stop letting whatever is bothering you have such control.  God is in control.  He has it all covered. Matthew 19:26

Does Jesus Care?/God Will Take Care Of You – Mark Lowry

Blessings to you and yours!


Bible verses from BibleGateway.com Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.