God Is Who HE Says He Is!!!

thI read the article “Higgs-Boson Particle May Spell Doom” and wondered – really?  Is God so small that He can be a tiny speck created by a collision in the Large Hedron Collider?  Can the theories created by this possible discovery predict the end of the universe and time as we know it?

Let me tell you what I personally know about my God.  HE is not one tiny little particle.  HE is everywhere, in everything and every one, ALL the time.  He is the ONLY One who knows the time of the end and since He didn’t share it with Jesus (Matthew 24:36) I’m very sure it hasn’t been discovered in a mathematical theory based on a teeny-tiny speck that may or may not exist.th (1)

How about on a more personal level.  How do I know God is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do?  I survived a dysfunctional childhood because I knew HE is always with me (Even though at that point I hadn’t publicly accepted Him as my personal savior.)  HE was carefully holding me when a tornado ripped our first home apart, turned it on it’s roof, and I was on the inside.  HE was watching and protecting me when a truck ran a stop sign going the full speed limit and T-boned my car, making it a total loss.  The three people on the inside were kept safe with just a few minor injuries.  At a hearing where my personal integrity was being questioned and my job at stake HE showed up, made His presence known with what felt like the slightest breath of fresh air, and all charges against me were dropped.  He was present during the 20 days I sat by my husband Ray and waited for him to wake from a coma.  It was only with His incredible downloadstrength that kept me from being a crazy, sobbing lump as those days went by.  Not only did Ray wake with all his mental facilities, He is a walking, talking Miracle.  I know He is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do because I’ve seen Him at work!

Worship Him in Song: How Great Is Our God (in several languages)

Heavenly Father, You Are the I Am!  You are Jehovah Jirah, my Provider.  You are the Is, the Was, and the Always Will Be.  You are my Rock, my Fortress, my Shepherd, my always present Help.  Ah, Lord, God, what a humbling honor it is to be called Your own.  I give You all my praise, my heart, my life, my all.  Amen and Amen!!