Sunday Psalm 20

Some trust in chariots

Some trust in horses

But we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Psalm 20:7

Abba, Father, answer my prayers. During this season of trouble and confusion protect me. Send help and support from Your Heavenly Throne. Remember what I have given, my sacrifices and offerings, and how I have served You.

Grant me Your favor. Give me what I want the most. Make my plans happen. I praise Your Holy name. I lift high Your Banner.

You have saved me! I know, without doubt, You will answer. Where others depend on their own resources I trust in Your Great Name. Make the enemy fall! I will stand in victory! Hear me when I call!


In the Old Testament people gave sacrifices and offerings to receive forgiveness for their sins. That all changed when Jesus went to the cross. He carried every sin past, present, and future to that cross. He was the final sacrifice! The chains that held us captive because of our sins are gone. He is victorious over death so we can live forever.


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