My Quiet Place

383051_345381925473491_226839817327703_1380963_749406284_nWhere is your quiet place? Do you even have one? It seems that men have workshops and garages, children have their own rooms, and women… It is hugely important, for personal and spiritual growth, release of stress and just plain relaxing, that everyone would have a place that is their own. (Even Cinderella had one – – In My Own Little Corner (video) – – Enjoy the memory!)

Jesus modeled the importance of quiet times.  Mark 1:35 (NLT) says – The next morning Jesus awoke long before daybreak and went out alone into the wilderness to pray.  Jesus had been working very hard the day before, healing many people.  I imagine He was exhausted and when he woke up He needed silence and time alone with His Father.  He choose to go into the wilderness because He knew He wouldn’t be bothered there.  Well at least until someone came looking for Him and of course they did.

Mark 6:31-32 (NLT) tells of another incident but this time it includes the disciples.  Then Jesus said, “Let’s get away from the crowds for a while and rest.”  There were so many people coming and going that Jesus and His disciples didn’t even have time to eat.  They left by boat for a quieter spot.  Of course we know the rest of the story…they found them again.  However, while they were crossing the lake there was certainly quiet time in the boat.  They could simply be silent and heal their minds.

Those are just two examples of the places in the Bible that God speaks of the need for a Quiet Place.   2 Kings 4:10 tells the story of the wealthy woman from Shunem who created a ‘little room’ for Elisha the Prophet.  It was furnished, on a cool roof top, a quiet place of his own.  Or, how about Psalm 46:10.

A quiet place can be anywhere as long as it is your place.  It can be indoors or out, it can be furnished or not, it can be at home or away…  I find it interesting that even a piece of cloth can even provide a spot that is quietly yours, evidenced by the prayer shawls of the Jewish believer’s that were specifically designed  to be placed over the head during prayer.

In my quiet spot I have books, music, a warm afghan, silence and above all the respect of my family to leave me alone unless it is a dire emergency.  I encourage you to find a place and make it yours. 

Here are a couple of videos that speak to the idea of a quiet place:

Jesus Is a Quiet Place for Me                 In The Secret

Heavenly Father, You have given me so much, I can’t thank You enough.  Keep me always aware that I have Your attention, always.  Bring me to the quiet place and let me know You more.  Make it so!