A Satisfied Spirit Book Review|still lolo

Still LoLoLife can be tough and life decisions even more so.  Add to that a horrible accident that results in a Traumatic Brain Injury and the loss of an eye and a limb and one might begin to question whether life is even worth it.    Strength….strong faith…supporting family and friends…

This beautifully told story by Lauren Scruggs, and her family, give personal insight into the life of a talented and gifted fashion reporter who does not let this horrific injury change the journey God has given her.  Of course, she gets depressed from time to time, deals with learning how to use prosthetic devices, wonders why this happened to her, and sometimes pushes family and friends away in her efforts to deal with her “new normal”.  Through all of this her faith in the One and Only God keep her moving forward, preparing to ‘take up where she left off’.

I highly recommend this book! Not only for those who have experienced life threatening injuries, but also for those who have sat by their side.  The parents, siblings, friends and supporters who wait day after day, in the fog of not knowing, for the eyes to open and the recognition to set in.   To hear the voice of the injured say, “I love you!” and to know others have been encouraged to go on through your story is life changing.   God is still performing miracles!

I had no idea when I started reading “still LOLO” that it was going to be a book of healing for me.  3 years ago, on October 30, my husband fell over the cat gate between the den and the kitchen.  Unknown to either of us, a blood vessel had broken in his brain.  About 3 hours later he came into the bedroom and said something was terribly wrong.  I did not realize the extent of his injuries until the brain surgeon spoke to me after a 7 hour surgery and said that he had only a 50% chance of survival.  The blood that had pooled in his head has shifted his brain right of center.  He was kept in a chemically induced coma for 20 days.  In the TICU unit he was cared for by the best of nurses and doctors, kept in constant prayer by churches, family, friends and many we did not know, and held lovingly in the arms of the Great Healer Himself, God.  When he was finally allowed to awaken, a great miracle had occurred.   Within a week he could eat on his own, knew where he was and the people around him, and was ready to go into rehab.  What could have been 3 to 4 months in a constant care situation, lasted 39 days.  He left the hospital on day 40, able to walk from the wheelchair to the car and was home for Christmas.  Yes!  God is still performing miracles!

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission regulations:  I have been provided a complimentary copy of Still Lolo by Tyndale House Publishers.